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Mexico Dental Implants

Save up to 50% on dental implants and get an amazing vacation experience in Playa del Carmen included!

Dental Cleaning + Crown

$ 534
  • Metal free crown over natural teeth
  • Dental cleaning

Dental Implant

$ 1600
  • Dental Implant
  • Abutment
  • Aesthetic Over Implant Crown

Dental Cleaning + Veneer

$ 514
  • Porcelain Veneer
  • Dental Cleaning

Dentist in Mexico: Get your Dental Implant in Playa del carmen with vacations included

Dr. Victor Castromán and Alfonso Rodríguez, Both dentists in Playa del Carmen are now making it possible to change your life and smile at a affordable manner and enjoying a paradisiatic place like playa del Carmen.

With Dentraveller Mexico Dental Implants packages you can get the smile that you always wanted while living the nature from a beachfront condo.

With more than 10 years of experience, in our dental office we have made it possible for many people to get at an affordable price the smile they need saving up to 70% comparing to the price in USA, Canada and the UK.

Getting dental work in Mexico is becoming more accessible and popular than ever before.

Also, you can be sure that getting a dental implant job in Mexico will be the best decision you make.

We will provide the oral care that you need to stay healthy and provide the best service you can get in Mexico.

Whether you’re due for a general cleaning or a dental implant, we’ll address your concerns in a relaxed environment and take the time to answer any questions you have.

Our dentist in Playa del Carmen is part of the American Dentist Association and is always up-to-date on the most advanced technologies, helping you achieve the smile you have always desired.

World class dentist professional, USA & Canada standards

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Full mouth restoration dental implants

Excellent-quality implants applied by professionals

We use the same high-end technology you’ll find USA, Canada, and the UK to restore any missing tooth. All our dental implants are high standard and designed to look and fit perfectly.

Mexico Dental Implants

Relax & enjoy the view after your dental appointment

We know that having any dental work done can be exhausting and time-consuming, that’s why we came up with the best healing method: chill out on the beach, and wouldn’t it be better if it was outside the condo where you are staying?

Purpose guide and surgical planning

Guided Surgery
We use the most modern methods to print in the market
Face Hunter
We use the most modern methods to print in the market
Cad Cam
We use the most modern methods to print in the market
3D Print
We use the most modern methods to print in the market

The purpose of this system is the optimization of the implant location by a digitally planned placement using a 3D topography. This will facilitate the surgical process for the surgeon and the prosthetist as it will allow the procedure to be performed virtually, prior to any intervention, and will increase considerably the success of the procedures necessary for the placement of one or multiple implants; together with an excellent disposition of the physical structure that will allow a long life for the implants and minimum wear of the surrounding bone.

This technique reduces surgical times, gives the surgeon an exact guide to the type of implant, its measurements, and disposition, and reduces the annoying post-surgical inflammatory processes accelerating the patient’s recovery.

Dental implants in mexico: reviews

Neoarch All-on-4 dental implant

The All-on-4 treatment offers edentulous and potentially edentulous patients a cost-effective solution for a fixed full-arch prosthesis on four implants on the same day of the procedure.

Noarch Technology / Straumann

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Dental Implants in Mexico

We give you a solution so you can restore any missing teeth due to disease or trauma.

Our dental implants are securely and permanently fixed to the jawbone, and they look and feel like a natural tooth. We can also help you maintain any fixed bridge and secure partial, removable, and full dentures.

Implants are permanently fixed to the jawbone, therefore looking and functioning just as a natural tooth would.

If you need to restore any number of teeth, maintain a fixed bridge, or secure partial, removable, and full dentures, dental implants in Mexico are the most reliable option.

Going to mexico for dental work

To know how to get the best dental implants in Mexico

Dental tourism in Mexico means Top notch quality and service

More and more patients from all over the world are choosing Playa del Carmen as a destination for dental tourism since the cost of dental implants is lower and it is the ideal destination to discover, relax and rest.

And who wouldn’t? Turquoise beaches, beautiful cenotes, Mayan culture, gastronomic experiences, great shopping tours, and a wide variety of activities.

Playa del Carmen is the fastest growing city in Mexico, and it’s becoming a very important one in the region. Another added benefit is that it is a very safe place to be in Mexico, and the ideal destination, a natural and chilling environment, to get all the services needed.

Click HERE to know how to get the best dental implants in Mexico

To know how to get the best dental implants in Mexico

Traveling Abroad for Dental Work Is a Fantastic Option

Mexico is full of marvellousness to offer: we’ve got the most beautiful beaches in the world, a cultural history that dates back to hundreds of years, and a gastronomic universe that has been recognized as cultural heritage by UNESCO. Our cities attract thousands of tourists all year around eager to discover just a bit of our rich and ancient history.

But besides all its touristic appeal, Mexico has become a must go to destination –and a very affordable one– regarding to dental care. However, there’s still a lot of misinformation about what to expect when travelling to Mexico. That is why we’ve decided to address some of the rumours that have been circling around about what is actually like to travel to our country and have any dental procedure done.

High-quality dental implants in Mexico are becoming more popular among tourists from all around the globe due to the affordability and high value. Usually they choose cities with high technology and grand tourism like Cancun, Tijuana or the most relaxing choice: Playa del Carmen.

Nowadays, having high-quality dental work in Mexico performed by professionals in fully equipped with high-end technology clinics doesn’t imply sacrificing security or value. However, you must choose your dentist in Mexico just as you would in any other place in the world. Guide yourself by the pros you’d usually look at, compare processes, prices, and customer service.

Here at Dentraveller, we can guarantee you that your smile will be treated by highly specialized dentists with the most innovative processes and equipment.

For more information about the cost of dental implants in mexico

So why choose us? We give you 5 reasons

  1. You’ll be in a really secure city in México, where it’s safe for both tourists and locals.

  2. You’ll have at your service the most highly-trained dentists in Mexico that will provide you with the best dental work, whichever you desire to do.

  3. All our dentists are also highly-qualified and are part of the American Dentist Association.

  4. High value. You’ll have an excellent and high quality dental service at a really affordable price. With the most advanced technology and without worrying about anything.

  5. It’s the most desirable destination in Mexico. Playa del Carmen will always be regarded as a paradise on earth, and now having the opportunity to change your smile for good while relaxing at this piece of heaven will definitely set a new level for all your dental appointments.