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Modern technology allows us to offer much faster, more efficient and comfortable solutions for our patients, from intraoral scans to the planning of implant surgeries and the design and manufacture of prostheses.
We have our own laboratory that helps us reduce times and margins of error

3D Surgical guide

The purpose of this system is the optimization of the implant location by a digitally planned placement using a 3D topography. This will facilitate the surgical process for the surgeon and the prosthetist as it will allow the procedure to be performed virtually, prior to any intervention, and will increase considerably the success of the procedures necessary for the placement of one or multiple implants; together with an excellent disposition of the physical structure that will allow a long life for the implants and minimum wear of the surrounding bone.

This technique reduces surgical times, gives the surgeon an exact guide to the type of implant, its measurements, and disposition, and reduces the annoying post-surgical inflammatory processes accelerating the patient’s recovery.