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Dental Tourism in Mexico:
Dental implants in Playa del Carmen

You’re 5 steps away from your dream teeth (and vacations!)

Playa del Carmen: Best place for Dental Tourism in Mexico

Step 1 Reach out to us

This is the first step on your journey to Dental Tourism in Mexico. Let us know who you are! You can either calls us toll free +1-888-838-7913 or fill out our contact form so our dentist advisors can get in touch with you. He’ll be asking some questions in order to offer you the best service according to your needs. Once we have all the information needed, we will send your a first diagnosis and an pre quote that will we updated once we get to see the full picture.

In case you already have a dental plan or x-ray studies, you can send them in through our contact form and we’ll start getting your first diagnosis ready.

Dental tourism in Mexico is an affordable alternative to expensive dental care in the USA and Canada.

Dental tourism in Mexico
Dental implants playa del carmen

Step 2
Arrange and schedule your dental travel. Next stop: Playa del Carmen!

The dental advisor that guided you during your first call will also take care of all your travel arrangements. This is the moment you should start planning your trip for dental implants in Playa del Carmen and get all preparations ready. Although you won’t need a visa, you must have a valid passport with you during your vacations. Having a Fixed Full-Arch or any dental implant work in Mexico performed requires a minimum five-business-day stay in Playa del Carmen. We kindly suggest you extend your stay for at least 2 more days, in case any tooth extractions might be needed.

Your vacations will start once you meet your dental advisor at Cancun Airport. Your service includes all the private transportation to and from the airport(Depends on the package), as well as to and from the clinic. You’ll be staying in Playacar Phase 1, which is located in the heart of Playa del Carmen tourist area.

The moment we start with your treatment will depend on the time you arrive in Cancun.

Step 3
Evaluation - X-ray with 3D CT scan

Mexico has always been a dearest destination to most people from the United States and Canada, most specifically, the Riviera Maya. Cities such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen offer breathtaking paradises in each corner, amazing sightseeing, and some of the most beautiful beaches and cenotes in the whole world. By choosing any of our bundles, you’ll be benefited from a single dental implant or full dental implant procedure (we will help you decided whether you need a regular implant, an All-on-4, an All-on-6, or an implant-supported fixed bridge) and will have the opportunity to recover in a beachfront condo at this paradisiac piece of earth.

Besides, the cost of dental tourism in Mexico is way lower than you’d pay at a professional facility in other countries. This means you’ll be saving enough money whilst getting a highly qualified service with the added perk of having a vacation time where you’ll be taken care of so you will only have to worry about enjoying and recovering.

Dental tourism in Mexico MRI Study
All on 4 dental implants mexico

Step 4
Surgery day

After all has been set, we will proceed with your surgery, starting with your surgical guides, which will help us to avoid any misplacement while we perform your surgery. You’ll be provided with a serial number for your implants, this means you’ll be able to continue (if desired) with the prosthetic work once your back in your country.

During the surgery we can apply local anesthesia or oral medications. In case is needed or if solicited, we can administer IV sedation. The extractions required will be done during the surgery, as well as any bone grafts or sinus lift and any post or implants required (All on 4 or All on 6).

After the surgery, you’ll be prescribed with some antibiotics to avoid any infection and painkillers. Please, be aware there are certain medications we can’t prescribe in Mexico, so we advise you to bring them with you if you think you might need them. Though is a walk-in surgery, swelling, general discomfort and some soreness might be expected.

Step 5
Recovery time

We put the tourism in “Dental tourism in Mexico”:

Now the awaited time. Lay down, relax, and let the beach heal you up to perfection, you’ll be at the perfect place to do so: the Mexican Caribbean.

Mexican dental vacation

Perfect teeth at once

It will only take about a week and no more than 10 days to set you up with your brand new teeth at our dental facilities, besides you’ll have the promise of a paradisiac destination awaiting for you to fully recover.

Dental implants experts

Dr. Victor Castroman has practiced dentistry for more than 25 years and dental implantology for more than 18. He is our director and among his specialties are surgical and prosthetic dental implant dentistry.

Our equipment

Once you walk into our dental clinic in Playa del Carmen, it will like walking in to any professional dentist consultory in United States or Canada. We are fully equipped with the best technology, approved by the FDA. Your health and mouth have never been safer.

Beachfront recovery

Allow yourself the benefit of having the most pacific and delicious recovery while staying at our beachfront condo in Playa del Carmen. Not only it will help you heal faster, it will make you feel glorious and wanting to stay longer.

Prime comfort and satisfaction

We rely on the satisfaction of all our customers to confirm the excellency of our service. We offer and fully develop a new start and a new smile for each customer all over the world.

All inclusive deal

We integrate the latest, most innovative advances in technology, setting a new standard for patient care. Our goal is to provide the most forward-thinking and luxurious restorative dentistry in the world.

What makes Dentraveller your best choice for Dental Tourism in Mexico

First of all, a professional but friendly and intuitive service. Second, time-price-value. Meanwhile in other countries like United States or Canada it can take up to years to get a –quite expensive– new smile, in Mexico this can be done in a one-week vacation. Third, we have fully equipped our practice with the most advanced technology to give you the peace of mind you’re looking for, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is changing your return flight so you can stay longer to enjoy from all the marvelousness Playa del Carmen has to offer.